FVYHA fundraising efforts are designed to make the sport of hockey available to the youth of our community.

The financial support of community members, businesses, and individuals is needed to meet crucial funding priorities such as goalie equipment purchases, young skater equipment, a needs based scholarship fund, state tournament fees, and coaching training.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, please contact

FVYHA has several member fundraising opportunities that benefit both the club and the skater. See the details below to learn more about family and club fundraising. 

2nd Annual Blades Bash

RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip)

RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip) is a voluntary fundraiser program used by many non-profit organizations. This program works by purchasing and using gift cards to pay for items you normally buy, such as gas from Kwik Trip. It is an excellent way to earn money toward your skater fees while fundraising for the club. How it works: you purchase RaiseRight gift cards & certificates for numerous retailers at their face value through FVYHA. The hockey club is a ‘middle man’ – it receives a discounted rate on the gift cards. The difference in price between the discounted rate the club pays and the normal face value you pay is known as the rebate. The club keeps 20% of this rebate (the fundraising part) and sets aside the other 80% (the skater credit) for you to use to reduce your skating fees.

You have until July 31 each year to accumulate SCRIP rebates to apply to the upcoming season's fees. Some families earn hundreds toward their skater’s fees each year.

The Fundraising Coordinator places an order for physical cards once a month between January - October and then twice a month during November and December. You can order electronic cards or re-load a physical card any time. The order placed each month is for physical gift cards; so you need to pick up the cards from the coordinator. An email will be sent to those who ordered physical cards when the order is ready for pick up.

See instructions below to get signed up. Please contact the Fundraising Coordinator if you have any questions at

KwikTrip Car Wash Cards

Thank you to everyone who participated in the KwikTrip car wash cards sales this year.

Eaton's Pizza and Lehman's Kringle Sales

Thank you to everyone who sold pizzas and kringles this year. Sales increased significantly over last year. We look forward to this sale next year!


As of July 1 2022, we are no longer partnering with MyHuterra. Please contact the Fundraising Coordinator if you have any questions.

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