Equipment Information

FVYHA has equipment for rent for the season for our young Introductory Program skaters (appx. ages 4-8).  It is not expected that they have their equipment at this age. The club has a wide range of used items to fit different sized kids so that everyone is safe and comfortable out on the ice. If your older child needs equipment be sure to talk to your age director about options for renting, borrowing, or purchasing used equipment, at least to get started. Your child will need their own equipment eventually. The rental program gives you and your child an extended opportunity to try hockey before you buy your own equipment. 

Tips: Little kids can just wear sweats under their hockey shorts and forgo the hockey socks and the need for special undershorts or a garter. A long sleeved shirt, like an under armour shirt, under the chest and elbow pads helps to prevent any rubbing or pinching. And thinner socks let kids' toes move in their skates and means their feet will stay warmer. The more comfortable your child is in his or her equipment, the more they can focus on having fun! 


Dressing your first time hockey player can be a daunting task for the new-to-hockey parent! This video highlights the basics for equipment and how to dress your son or daughter for hockey.

Guide to Buying Equipment

For a parent of a new hockey player there is a lot to learn. There are many great resources available to help you navigate this new sport. For new players starting in our IP (Introductory Program) there is an equipment rental opportunity. Another resource is the USA Hockey's Parents’ Guide to Buying Equipment.  You can also visit SCHEELS to work with one of their experts to answer all your equipment questions. SCHEELS hosts a Gear up for Hockey Event in September.  EJ Arena Sports and Play it Again Sports also sell hockey equipment in our area. Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help from someone in your Blades hockey family. 

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