2023-2024 Photos now available!


Please read the following reminders and new information for 2023-2024! 

1. As always, there are new designs for this season for all custom items. The site will direct you through a page that shows you examples.

2. If you have an athlete in any of the organizations I do photography for (AAHA, Heat, Freeze, etc.), you may want to wait until those photos are available for purchase as you can shop across all stores and it will all fall under the same flat shipping price. As a reminder, each separate order will incur this same shipping cost as the products are produced on-demand and sent directly to you.

3. Digital files are again available for the standard photos (nothing custom-designed). If you are buying ONLY digital files (sent to you in the form of a link to a .zip file), you can use the code DIGITALONLY2324 at checkout to remove the shipping charge. Please do not use this code if you have any physical items that will be mailed to you in your order as it will delay fulfillment until the shipping cost is received. 

4. As always, please reach out to me at jerome@jgoniaphotography if you have any questions.